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a made up word that is only used in richmond VA. it is one of those words that has multiple meanings like the word bootleg. Razmal can be used as a response to any question or comment. Razmal also means drinking, boozing, drunk, drugs, king of drugs and booze, king of street drugs, an exclamation of, raging drunkness, a congratulatory remark as well, also for slizzlies, amazement. think of wild rabid wolves running the streets of your neighborhood, thats razmal!
dumb kid: hey wat are u doing tonite?
richmond kid: RAZMAL
dumb kid: want to do drugs tonite?
richmond kid: RAZMAL
dumb kid: dude, theres some wild dog ravenizing my neighborhood!!!
richmond kid: RAZMAL!
DUI kid: i got boozed up as a bitch, raped a girl and stole a puppy, plus the dui...i fucked up tonite.
richmond kid: RAZMAL
by telemechas February 08, 2007
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