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On March 20th 2009, John Mayer came up with the phrase Raymond's Taint. Mayer's definition of the word is to give your opinion. Your 2 cents.

Prior to Mayer mentioning it on his Twitter, the phrase did not bring up any results when searched on Yahoo & Google. Thus leading people to believe that it did not exist despite Mayer's claim that it was a popular phrase back in the 20's before it was later changed to "2 cents."

Because Mayer challenged his Twitter followers to use the phrase "on a mainstream news media comment page," with the prize being a Twitter background, expect to be hearing the phrase pretty damn soon from gullible idiots.

Guy 1: He throws awesome parties, but Peter's a total douche. But hey, that's just my Raymond's Taint.

Guy 2: What?
by Jane Doughski March 20, 2009
Made popular in the 20's, meaning sharing ones opinion. Later changed to "my two cents".
Evidently TDK is the best movie ever. Just my Raymond's Taint.

by ifidel March 20, 2009
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