Prickmeister to the extreme. Rarely is this species away from its internet environment. Without his digital ecosystem, Gayfun develops feelings of penile inferiority. He is slow and not at all elusive. You will usually find him in comic book stores, Star Trek conventions, male strip clubs, and at BAMF.
Gayfun is the sorriest piece of shit to ever plague the internet.
by J. Holmes April 08, 2003
This technique was generated in the Philippines, and is used as a greeting, or to shock the receiver. What to do: make a gun with your hands, poining out the first two fingers on each hand. Then select a victim, (preferably one who is bending over, so their butt is more exposed.) Then, on the count of three, simultaneously ram your fingers up their asshole, and shout "RAYGUN!!" The general effect is the clenching of the buttocks, and a yell from the receiver.
*Gun bends over*
I think it's time for a raygun!
by pagina500 April 23, 2006
1. Super Badass affiliated with the website; he will kick your ass and then fuck your wife, children, and pets.
2. A futuristic gun that shoots laser/plasma beams at 4um kiddies.

see also: pimp
All hail raygun. Raygun is our leader.
by Spencer S. April 08, 2003

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