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The Rawvolution was a term coined by the Gamespot/TDH user Rawsavon.

No one is entirely sure just what the rawvoltuion was intended to accomplish, or what it actually did accomplish.
But it is agreed by many that it was the driving force behind the revamped forum rules on
"the rawvolution was a success"

"Gamespot used to be a shitty site until the Rawvolution occurred."

"On the one hand it might not have done anything, on the other hand it just might have done everything we've ever wanted"
by _HTR_ December 10, 2011
is the term used to describe the raw food movement.
We just started a Raw-Volution. To adopt the raw food lifestlye would make you a Raw-Volutionist
by Dmanz82 July 31, 2011
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