Rawb is a term to describe Robert Wells, host of survivor-webcam, rawbnoXious productions produces survivor-webcam.
rawb led the tapajos tribe into tribal council where aaron doucet was voted out.
by Rob W. November 07, 2003
Top Definition
Rawb is another way to spell the name Rob. Typically used to describe an awesome person named Rob, it is a cool way to spell the name Rob, and is unique and different.
Girl: Hey Rawb!
Rob: Hey cutie!
by Tojo Hiroshita November 10, 2010
the most perfect individual to ever reside on the face of the earth.
kaitlyncurbstomp has a really big thing for !rawb ~
by loldiqs March 04, 2009
Rawb is a character in the game, World of Warcraft. He plays on the Darkspear server and can usually be seen in the city of Orgrimmar giving out handjobs for copper pieces, and failing at trolling.
Rawb's mother died of AIDS which she contracted from Rawb himself.
by Popplaggio December 22, 2010
1) Wanka
2) Sexual offender waiting to happen
3) 2 kool 4 skool
4) lack of penage
1) Wow, what a complete Loser with a capital 'L'
2) Rawb would take anything he could get like lee's grandma
3) That dorkface loser is about to get his head smashed in if he does that again
4) Man, i feel sorry for Rawb, it has to be tough being a guy with no penis, clubfoot and smelling like cheese
by friendly_naighbour July 12, 2004
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