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For serious people.
1)Hookah mix consisting of Raspberry, Vanilla, and mint.
flavors must be mixed not layered
2)name of Hookah mix in Euphoria Emporium that can be used for sexual innuendos.
3)Hookah mix that will cause you to randomly start exhausted bursts of dance after 4 hours of smoking it.

Side effects: Mellow erection, hardcore desire to cuddle, Fucking awesome smoke bubbles and smoke tricks, hookah lounge owner offering you free space for your artwork, anti-death.

WARNING: do not laugh when smoking Ravish-me, will cause death. It's for serious people.
1) I'd like a mix of Raspberry, vanilla, and mint, mixed not layered.

2) Yea I know, I'm sexy, you should ravish-me, after a smoke that is.

3) God, I feel like dancing but I can only do it in exhausted bursts!
by ravimi March 15, 2013
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