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Ravena, NY is a small village in Albany county. No one has heard of Ravena so usually they just say they are from Albany to save time. The High School / Middle School share the same grounds and was once a drive-in. The Elementary school is built on an Indian burial ground, hence the district's mascot. The biggest school sport (besides pot, alcohol, and sex) is football, swimming and track. Mosher Park is the town's biggest park, with a playground to pee in, fields for peeing on and a pool for peeing into. Don't even drive though Oakbrook Apartments, you'll get an STD and/or a duck will shit on you. The village tries to have a Friendship festival every August with rides, games and fireworks, keyword is tries. The cops are teenagers and the townies know at least four people in the volunteer fire department.
"Where are you from?" "Ravena." "Where's that?" "It's 20 miles south of Albany." "Ohh"
by keblonlazykid April 16, 2010
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