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A friendship developed over the fiber related social networking site Ravelry. Such a relationship often involves discussions of the pros and cons of different types of yarn, needles, and the construction of sweaters.
I don't know her in real life, but we talk every day--we have a Ravelationship.
by Isabel W. February 27, 2010
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A couple that was brought together by the rave scene. These couples go to raves and get high together every weekend, usually on Molly, Acid, or Ketamine. When not at the rave you'll find these couples at house parties or festivals, rather than the conventional at dinner and the movies. These relationships typically don't last long and aren't very serious, but there are exceptions.

The more successful of ravelationships tend to be open relationships. This is unusual to most people, but ravers tend to be extremely promiscuous, being open allows them to still have the mental connection with their partner, but still gives them the freedom to connect with others without feelings of jealousy. This allows the couple to feed their overzealous libido while making things appear "fresh"
"I'm not looking for love in the scene, I don't want to end up in a ravelationship."
"My boyfriend doesn't get jealous, we are in an open ravelationship."
by staticquo January 28, 2015
The union of two ravers, club kids or party goers for a brief or extended period who's relationship only consists of attending raves, parties and after parties and promoting said events. These types of relationships rarely if ever move into any type of normalcy. No movies, dinners, or romantic walks, no meeting of family or friends out of the 'scene'.
Yeah that girl and I were together for awhile but it was more of a ravelationship than anything. We never even went out to dinner.
by Ken Rodriguez January 06, 2009

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