Ratting: killing of NPCsin MMORPGsfor loot. Rats are the common first enemy in many RPGs and have become synonymous with easy kills for in-game gold or rewards. Therefore, rats are any NPC character or enemy that is to be killed simply for loot.
Lets get the group together and go ratting.. I want to see what the guys in this zone drop as a reward.

I was ratting in a new zone and a high level player jumped me.
by Daemonwell October 03, 2006
Top Definition
The act of chatting to women in a feeble attempt to secure some action.

Commonly used by "lads" whenever a mate talks to a member of the opposite sex, in order to ridicule the mate as a form of banter.

A lad who is notorious for his ratting antics is known as a "Serial Rat."
Adam: "Hey Fliss"
Fliss: "Hey Adam,"
by TrueLad.com June 21, 2010
the act of going on the pull, looking for for rats (women)
"Lets go ratting, it looks like there are lots of dirty rats about"
by Daveypoo August 24, 2006
to circle a block or area with all car windows open and the stereo blaring
when we've nothing better to do, we go ratting around the east side
by claire of york March 18, 2005
The act of flirting with some one.

This also makes you a "rat"
"Wow, Charlotte's been ratting on him for weeks"
by Percymojo April 26, 2012
an offensive way to insult an ugly person, origin; went farmers used to take there dogs to kill rats in barns.
your pig ugly! i wouldn't take you ratting!
by BrettR October 02, 2005
Due to the difficulty in homeless having sexual intercourse, ratting is the process where Street Rats are captured, decapitated and then thrust upon by Male homeless people. The resulting carcass is considered as being 'Ratted'.
"Here Jethro, I just got a big brown one, you want to two's up on a ratting session?"
by meganinja May 21, 2009
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