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RYM is a music cataloguing/rating website. It's content is extremely thorough, and because of easy accessibility the concept of 'obscure taste' becomes irrelevant through exposure to a vast array of genres, artists, albums, etc. sadly, the community is plagued with countless cynics, elitists, and pompous assholes who employ music as a means to groom their ego through forum circle jerks and panning albums they haven't listened to for no reason; injecting their reductionist, word excrement into every album they can muster through pathetic faux-reviews that are as self-indulgent as they are inconsequential.

otherwise, a great tool for discovering music.
'Beethoven's 9th is trite, superficial garbage"

"Hah! yr belief that music 'grows' on you is obviously indicative of an amateur dilettante."

"I noticed your lack of negative ratings, you should be more objective and less of an overbearing optimist."

- Rate Your Music users
by beightenberliner November 14, 2011
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Ostensibly a website for music cataloging, rating, reviewing and discussion, rateyourmusic has turned into a wonderful tumblr substitute full of affected pseudo-irony and Bukowski-derivative lowercased poetry. The trick for being seen as trendy in this very elite environment is to cultivate a twee, "quirky," sensitive persona by "ironically" giving lip service to top 40 pop, as well as foreign niche genres like italo-disco and deep house that aren't even cared for in their home countries anymore. Also, the medium of singles are revered, despite being completely obsolete (albums are considered rockist). By following those guidelines one can be just as quirky and unique as fifty other pseudo-bohemians there who never capitalize, dislike hard rock and enjoy italo-disco & deep house. Forgotten girl groups are considered particularly quirky to enjoy on this amazing site.
You seriously gave Twa Toots less than five stars? Didn't you know they're the apex of feminism and human morality in general? I think rateyourmusic is not for you.
by Wakamoley January 16, 2014
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A site that tries to be the musical equivalent to IMDb, but is just another music board that is filled with pseudo-intellectual indie twats who try to out-hip each other.

Has ridiculously high ratings for generic whiny indie bands (Radiohead, Arcade Fire, The Smiths, Neutral Milk Hotel, Pavement, ...) and therefore cannot be taken seriously.
Music fan: "What is the darkest band you've heard?"

HipsterIrony17: "Coldplay."
IndieFuckswit: "HAHAHA, I lol'd."
Douchebag#1: "OP is an idiot, worst thread ever!!!"

Typical forum discussion on Rate Your Music.
by celeb February 02, 2012
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Rate Your Music or "RYM" as it's abbreviated by users of the site, is a music site where you can review your favourite albums, and has pretty much every band/artist ever know already added on the site. If you love music (good music) it's probably a good site for you. The people on the message boards are usually good and funny people.
Typical Rate Your Music user discussion on the "general" message board.

RYMer1: Radiohead is the most amazing band i have ever heard, they're the Beatles of this genreation, their music is ART!!!
RYMer2: Well not really, they've done nowhere near as many styles of music as The Beatles have, and they don't appeal to everyone, unlike The Beatles. But Radiohead is alright.
by DarkAmbientForest February 04, 2011
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