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Purposely lowering your intelligence level to seem more "thug" or "skreet". This attitude developed sometime after MTV stopped playing music and dumb ass shows like 16 and pregnant, and Bad Girls Club started airing. The epidemic seems to grow daily, and is being embraced by the youth of America. Many of them think that the dumber and or crazier you act, the cooler you are, and the higher on the social ladder one will climb.
Mark: Have you seen Shaqumphria?

Bill: Yeah, she gained like 200 lbs since high school and is still wearing those spandex she had in tenth grade, not to mention her fucked up weave, gold teeth, eye piercings, and tattoos on her neck. She used to be classy and was on the honer roll, now she works at Dollar General, walks with a gangsta lean, and shows 50 pounds of pierced overflowing mid drift, speaks ghettoneese, with those 3 inch fake nails and a tramp stamp that says open 24/7.
Mark: That's the ratchification of America
by Markomighty July 14, 2014
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