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Ratchet Ass Hoe is a term used to describe a bitch who lacks class. They typically have rotten teeth and two toned hair. They tend to be promiscuous and are constantly craving attention.
Sarah: Look at my hair, isn't it cute, the top is blond and the underneath is black?!
Adam: Actually, your two toned nappy hair makes you look like a Ratchet Ass Hoe.
by girlwithclass June 27, 2012
Dirty female, no class, slutty, bag chaser, a female who lacks morals, homewrecker, doorknob, bag whores, dirty bitch
This ratchet ass hoe is still tryin to call my man!

Look at all these ratchet ass hoes!
by ghettoprincess562 June 10, 2015
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