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Rashaud's are usually the cool ones. Quick tempered and have dangerous tempers. Ripped up like Rambo and ready to kill. Known for there natural dominant skills over everyone. And the girls love them. They are the sexiest too and often grt mixed with Rayshaudes Tend to have the freshest kicks and lots of inheritance and wealth and are rich
Look at Rashaud he's so fly and sexy
by unanimously March 09, 2013
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A large entity, known for breaking the silence only to continue it. One with his mind... just the wrong half. His arch nemisis is Adam. You can find these two giants duking it out at SPS. In his defense, he's comfortable being himself in ANY situation.
Rashaud exclaimed, "I was trying to be a dick, but she was making it so hard. It was like she was reverse stalking me."
by Flipz and Spearow April 02, 2005
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A.K.A- Buffet Malestor
by Flipz and Sparrow April 06, 2005
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Ra'shaud Is very driven always looking for a way to come up . This person is unbelievably smart,charming,caring,attractive, and sensitive but doesn't show it. He's been hurt and betrayed by people that was close to him. But will do anything for the one he loves. Who he's protective over he will do whatever it takes to keep them. Also has another side that is very dark and ugly that most people doesn't see. He has the craziest sex drive that will leave you craving for more.
Damn he's fine. Girl that's Ra'shaud fine ass but he crazy.
by Unable January 18, 2017
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