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Is a Tall and handsome Guy usually found with people that are of high status or well known. he is liked by everyone and hated by many as well. He is very intelligent and open minded. He can be a Joker at times, but can get serious when it calls for it. he enjoys drinking on occasion, but treats smoking as if it is an art. he is not looked down upon because of his habits, but more likely to be told his habits make him who he is. he can be very sarcastic, slick, secretive, nice, caring and accepting. But be warned he can get aggressive when necessary , and when this time comes all hell will break loose. He also can have a lot of lady friends that sooner or later fall for his suave charm and Good looks. Many Envy the fact that they can't be like him.
Raquan is the Dopest guy, i don't know anyone that doesn't like him
by TheUrbanLegend94 April 14, 2011
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