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{Noun} The act of voluntarily committing to abstain from listening to rap music based on a biased opinion. Most of the time these are stupid reasons like "rap isnt music, its garbage" or "rap isnt pleasing to Jesus"

People who do this have really bad taste in music and are always prepared with a handful of crappy slogans such as, "Rap is Crap!" or "RAP=retards attempting poetry!"
Normal Kid: Hey let's listen to the new Snoop Dogg album I just bought!

Luis: No thank you, i just took a rapstinence pledge. Lets listen to something else like... DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE!!

Normal Kid: *leaves the room*
by PreachinPeaches October 30, 2009
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when someone completely refrains from indulging in rap music until he or she truly feels gangster enough.
Zack - turn off that wu-tang.

Dan - why?

Zack - Rapstinence Dan, im saving myself until i am that special person.
by jolly Green July 07, 2012
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