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Latin, origin Rape, and Able... It means when something is so delightful u just wanna rape it like a pinata
Dan Fine is oh so Rapeable
by Jason April 14, 2005
Something that is capable of being raped.
Dude, that chick is so rapeable!
by DeezInYourMouth March 06, 2011
a girl who has qualities that will cause her to be raped; usually small, blonde, and pretty.
That poor girl will not do well in Indonesia; she is far too rape-able.
by Julia and Sam December 30, 2006
Women who are most vulnerable to rape. Meaning their lifestyle or occupation gives the impression that she is marginalized in society and so can be raped without consequence. The word speaks of dehumanization.
Sex trade workers are rapeable because men think they can get away with it.
by marylnorth November 01, 2009

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