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A Rape Shack is a house, basement or a generally run down premises which is regularly used to rape people/ animals in.
Davey took Bobby in to the rape shack, and did the wrong thing.
by like a piano layk December 31, 2008
1.) (n) A typically substandard dwelling that is likely to be, or has been the scene of a (multiple) rape(s). Classification is based primarily on the building's appearance. The rapeshack is most often found in remote areas where there are no neighbors within earshot, but plenty of vermon. Though usually an abandoned hovel in the country, inner city rapeshacks can exist as well.

2.) (v) To violently rape, either literally or figuratively.
1.) Jesus dude, did you see that abandoned house along the dirt road that was totally overgrown by brush and only had three walls left? That's a prime candidate for a rapeshack.

2.) So help me God, if you go home and sleep instead of coming out for a beer I will stop at your house and rapeshack you withing inches of your life.
by anodyne33 November 01, 2007

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