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Probably the most annoying youtube comment war in the world. Each side acts like their genre requires talent and creativity, while the other genre requires retards to strum a few guitar strings or punch a few things in on the computer. This is a pointless argument. Some rap artists suck. Some metal bands suck. Other rap artists are talented. Other metal bands are talented. Each genre takes skill to come up with something new and make it sound good. Thus, the argument that spans millions of people, is pointless.
Rap vs. Metal
Rap fan- Dude metal sucks it's just some whiny kids screaming into a mic and playing some guitar!

Metal fan- Wow retard how about rap its just some guys rhyming about their "dogs" and saying "Nigga"!

Everyone isn't an ignorant asshole- Cool deal brah.
by Bok Choi February 03, 2011
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