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God of all that is beautiful and wonderful in the world. Immune to the hatred of the world.
Ranin is the beams of sunlight that pierces the dark clouds of life.
by Jet Set518 August 11, 2010
One who crashes parties and does nothing but smoke cigarettes, steal alcohol and start fights. See braindead, pathetic and social recluse.
"Hey what the fuck just happened to my beer? It was in that esky just there!"
"Yeah those fucking ranins were all milling around there before."
"Where are they now?"
"Oh, theyre just bashing the shit out of one of our mates."
"Fuckin' ranins. Were they even invited?"
"Doubt it man. Do they actually get invited anywhere?"
"Well, no. But what they lack in invitation, they make up for in thievery, violence and homophobia."
by "whatthefuckareyoulookingat" January 27, 2005
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