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1. A red-headed Angus.

2. One who is a smug prat. Totes cappachinos and laptops everywhere in an attempt to feel important.

3. Thinks redheads are the most oppressed 'minority' in history due to being a whiney doucheface.

4. Rubs his nipples continually to luxuriate in his own UNenchanting musk.
Man, look at that Rangus rubbing his nipples while reading douchey academic crap on his $10,000 laptop.

Did you just compare your red-headed-ness to the holocaust? Man you are such an RANGUS!
by Erinenjoysyogurt April 05, 2010
Butt, ass, anus, booty hole, booty cheeks, rear end.
Person #1: I like your teeth.
Person#2: Thanks big boy, I like you rangus =D
by AAAAAron1990 November 15, 2009
originally david bowies ball bag sweat in the early 70's. now a celebrity in his own right.
that guy looks like a Rangus.
by Pete face April 17, 2009
The tiny space between one's asshole and taint. A sort of DMZ of the nether region.

"The smell of Deb's rangus is the most horrific thing I can think of."

"Dude, I got a zit on my rangus and it hurts like hell."

"That girl went to kick him in the nuts but missed and kicked his rangus instead."
by Andgorifo December 13, 2007