Older Range Rovers are poorly made and unreliable British SUV that are usually powered by an old Buick V8 that got phased out in 1963 and latter on sold to Rover. Newer Range Rovers are nothing more than American SUVs only a lot more expensive and far more embarrassing to be seen in. Basically they are cars for suckers who are willing to pay way over the odds for a hunk of junk.
Range Rovers are a poor Jeep clone.
by GuyWhoLikesGoodCars May 11, 2004
Top Definition
Better than a hummer.
Unlike Range Rovers, Hummers usually get stuck trying to navigate over soda cans.
by bill747 May 28, 2008
Status symbol for anglophiles. English variation of SUV. See FUV.
That wanker in the Range Rover drives like he's the King of England.
by nucleus May 26, 2004
Quite possibly they best vehicle in the world, ever. Manufactured at the Landr Rover factory in Sollihull, England. Now in its 33rd year and on its model evolution.
The Range Rover made the jeep drivers gaze in awe.
by Sven King April 02, 2003
Land Rover's flagship SUV priced around 77k for the reg. version and 90k for the Supercharged version. The Supercharged is still not extremely fast but it's decent for it size. The interior is very nice and the design wise it's one of the best SUV's out there IMO. It's pretty comfortable for long trips although it's not exactly a "driver's car". It attracts some attention although not the bad kind (usually). If you put 24'' spinners on it and a huge chrome grill THEN you look like a complete fool... Otherwise a very nice car and a pretty reliable one too (at least for the current model).
A: Yo look at me, I got an Escalade!!!
B: I have a Range Rover.
A: Nevermind.
by zangany January 23, 2007
A soccer moms luxury version of the Abrams Tank, without the firepower, reliability, or gas mileage consideration. Mostly made to be a flashy vehicle. Less of an off road vehicle than its sibling, the Land Rover. Very flashy, very expensive, and its got the horrendous reliability that put Land Rover on the map, after it made great and reliable off roading vehicles when they first came out sometime after WWII.
The Range Rover will get around 375 hp and cost you more money than your mortgage in gas and repairs.
by TankBuster118 April 20, 2010
The best vehicle ever to be driven on this earth. Can drive over anything, and it's as comfortable as a land yacht. But it has it's cons. Every wannabe gangster stares at you. It gets about 10mpg. And if it's not leaking some fluids, it's empty.
My Range Rover will kill two of your Escalade.
by Chuck W February 18, 2008
Range Rovers are awesome. Anyone who says otherwise is a moron. Clearly they're like 80k for a reason. The reason? They're quality, well-made SUVs.
All the celebrities on MTV's Cribs had Range Rovers.
by heyitspat December 03, 2007
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