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AKA R2K, Fine ass robot that rocks out in Finch! He has robot like qualities, shooting projectials out of his arms...Randor 2000!
Is that food, you better put that in my mouth! Nickka! Fade to Black.... (Essence of R2K)
by oh you know who... August 26, 2003
well, u look up R2K in the dictiionary and it says, FINE ASS ROBOT who rocks out on stage everynight with finch BIaTcH...thats websters YO

fade to black, BITCH!
is that food? you better put that in MY MOUTH!
by lily August 20, 2003
the hottest guy on the face of this planet, plays guitar for finch, who are the best band ever
i wish i was randy strohmeyer's guitar...
by holliver twist March 10, 2004
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