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To Random Slut, you first require an unattended, non key locked Mobile phone. Quickly access the SMS facility and type the word "Slut" Hit send, and when the directory appears close your eyes, scroll down the list to a random spot and hit send. Quickly exit the SMS application, and place the phone face down, (whilst the screen saver resets), and step away from the phone, your work is done.

Slut is a great word as it implies naughtyness, without real insult.

Random Slutting was invented by DJ Richie Tuneraider, after an all night party, when he left the decks to find a plethora of mobile phones lying around. " I saw my friends phone lying on the table, and a wicked thought popped into my head, I have no idea where the concept came from, but it works" I have Slutted 100\s of phones worldwide, stood back and watched the fun develop. If a situation begins to get too fraught, you can always talk to the person and tell them it has happened to you as well, which takes the heat out of any situation.

Random Slutting has been discussed on Radio 1 (who frowned about the idea) and is a well supported activity amongst Facebook members, Skydivers and DJ's.

Once you have been Slutted, the fringe benefit is that you can then undertake "Targeted Slutting" whereby you pick someone you don't like or are upset with, Slut them, and lay the blame off on Random Slutting Activity (RSA.)
Celebrity Random Slutting.: Don Mclean (American Pie singer) played a gig in Leicester, UK. He attended an after party at a local rave, and somehow leaving his phone on a table. At the end of the night, 2 worse for wear DJ's found the phone, and began to slut. They used a frowned upon method of "send to all" for their Slut SMS and sent. They then fell asleep and forgot all about their misbehaviour. At about the phone woke one of them constantly ringing, he answered and was surprised to find himself talking to a reporter from the News of the World newspaper, wanting to talk to Don Mclean, about text messages he had sent. The DJ, shocked confesses the whole tale in a desperate attempt to avoid major trouble, and puts the phone down. As the DJ is in the business and their are only 2 posh hotels in Leicester, Don was quickly located, and his phone was returned to him by taxi.
by MSFMSF October 06, 2010
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