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-(n.) Random dick, regardless of the degree of paper-bagness or potential for STD's. The female version of "strange". Usually searched for by girls hopped up on Jaeger bombs, Jaegerbulls, or straight tequila, who are looking to forget a past lover, or just get a piece. Acquisition of randick often leads to blurry recounts of what really happened and, most definitely, regrets. Randick is found mostly at college parties and in bustling cities at night.
Stacy: Hey Betsy, are you ready to get shwasted!?

Betsy: Oh for hells yeah, girl! I am in desperate need of some randick!

Stacy: I agree, Jason was such ass to you. Some randick will get you over him ASAP!
by Spudrober December 08, 2008

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