To smoke weed, used instead of smoking weed so your hockey coach doesn't know what you're talking about
"yoo, I just picked up a fat sack, lets go ranch"
by Brandonn February 02, 2008
To vomit.

I take no responsibility for this one. We had a 16 year old work-experience kid with us last week who was grossed out by an abscess. He disappeared out the back saying:
"I've gotta get some fresh air, I feel like I'm gonna ranch everywhere"
by Choda Boy 57 August 15, 2006
Wanting to have sex with a person. Meant to be said that the woman knows.
Jon: Hey, did you see that chick over there?
Stan: Yea man, I'd take it to the ranch.
by Big Byrd January 10, 2008
(1) to have had intercourse with someone

(2) to have done sometihng with force

(3) to work on a farm
(1) She was pretty hot but I didn'r get to ranch her

(2) The newspaper machine was broken so I ranched the door and got my damn paper out.

(3) I worked hard on the ranch

ALT: Variations of Ranch...
Ranchy (get ranchy)
Ranched (past tense)
Rancher (one who does the ranching)
by namllrn April 28, 2004
the complete opposite of a drug and it means that something or sombody is totally COOL
Dave is totally ranch!!
by hilary, corrine& Dave October 09, 2005
Vast land where cattle is kept.
My uncle has a ranch. Bulls roam there freely.
by Ereck Flowers June 30, 2016
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