Tag-team sex on a woman, or the hardest and roughest sex you've ever had in your life.
Jason and Andrew are going to ramshackle her.
by Jason December 12, 2004
Top Definition
poorly constructed, poorly kept up
a ramshackle cabin in the woods.
Mr.white is ramshackle.
by Jordan Newton-Gaines December 29, 2004
the act of blasting a female until snot comes out of her nose.
It is proper etiquette to wipe the snot from a girl's nose after you have ramshackled her.
by TheDICKtionaray April 17, 2009
Verb - To search in such a maliscious or careless manner as to result in a disorderly or messy condition.
The police ramshackled my room.
by 3161 January 08, 2010
1. A woman, preferably married that constantly is nagging people to do things. Like, for children, to do their chores. For husbands it's usually going on and on and on about random things that they think is important but in reality is not.

2. Used to describe someone that you dislike.
1. That ramshackle just told me to turn the television down. Who does she think she is!

2. She's such a ramshackle
by Athena is SMARTICLES! January 26, 2010
to have sexual intercourse with
Brooke was ramshackled on the cruise ship after she passed out drunk.
by Asian Stair-slider January 15, 2012
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