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1. Sweet, nice, pretty girl with a voice of an angel. She is also know as the greatest babysiter ever in the world.

2. A loud, over the top, family of success. While each member is individual, as a group, they provide each others friends with the greatest degree of hospitality and care, are incredibly supportive, and would do anything for those they care for. Once you've met 1 Rampello, you've met them all because we are a package deal! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
When Rampello's come over to babysit, we are so excited for the upcoming hours of fun. WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

We are going over to Rampello's today!!! A sign says in front of thier house... DANGER! FUN AHEAD! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
by STRAWW6624 July 30, 2009
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