1. small village close to Berlin hosting a US military base and airport.

2. German heavy metal band. Their name derived from the small village; after a horrible plain crash took place there in the late 80's.(compare with the lyrics of the song 'Rammstein')
Wer zu Lebzeit gut auf Erden
wird nach dem Tod ein Engel werden
den Blick gen Himmel fragst Du dann
warum man sie nicht sehen kann
Erst wenn die Wolken schlafen gehen
kann man uns am Himmel sehen
wir haben angst und sind allein
Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein
by hank from hell February 10, 2004
A German metal band, whether it is Heavy or industrial is up to debate. Rammstein means Ramming Stone in German and is a play on words of the Ramstein Air show disaster.
Other bands play, Rammstein BURNS
by The Terrible October 10, 2006
German Industrial Dance Metal Band.

Aka. Tanz-Metall or Tanzen Metall (Translation, Dance Metal)

Have been accused of being neo-nazis many a time, and once were accused of helping a russian terrorist group take over a school. And that was all becuase that the Russian Terrorist Group listened to their music to keep fired up.

Have brought around A few Albums, Entitled;

Live Aus Berlin
Reise, Reise

And there is information on their main website saying a new album is within the making, also a interview with a DJ who had remixed one of rammsteins songs, stated that the album could be a best of, but this is not confirmed.
"Hey, do you like Rammstein?"
"Nah, i dont like Neo-Nazi Music"
"..." *Kicks face* "GTFO."
by ICHLIEBERAMMSTEIN September 11, 2007
A wicked german heavy metal band. The word "Rammstein" means "ramrock" or "ramstone". Ram as in battering ram, I mean.
Die sonne scheint mir aus den augen....
The sun is shining out of my eyes....
by Zerloch July 10, 2003
A German Tanz-Metall (Dance-Metal) band comprising of six members:

Till Lindemann - vocals
Richard Z. Kruspe - lead guitar, backing vocals
Paul H. Landers - rythm guitar, backing vocals
Oliver "Ollie" Riedel - bass guitar
Christoph "Doom" Schnieder - drums
Christian "Flake" Lorenz - keyboards

The band was formed in 1994 and has since produced five studio albums:

Herzlied (1995)
Sehnsucht (1997)
Mutter (2001)
Reise, Reise (2004)
Rosenrot (2005)

and two live albums/DVDs:

Live aus Berlin (1997)
Volkerball (2005)

The band has also had many hit songs from each album, such as:

Du reischt so gut, Heirate Mich, and Rammstein from the album Herzleid;
Du Hast, Engel, and Bueck Dich from the album Sehnsucht;
Ich Will, Feuer Frei!, and as apparently some of you know Zwitter from the album Mutter;
Reise, Reise, Mein Teil, Keine Lust and Los from the album Reise, Reise; and finally, Benzin, Rosenrot, and Te Quero Puta! from the album Rosenrot.

The band has also had a lot of celebrity guests sing or play with them, some of them being Bobo, Sharleen Spiteri, Carmen Zapata, Christo Hermanndos, Viktoria Fersh, Apocalyptica, and even Khira Li Lindemann, just to name a few.
Persoally, in my opinion, Rammstein is probably the greatest metal bands of our generation.
" Yo, have you heard Du Hast by Rammstein?"

" Who stein?"
by Jacob Russell July 11, 2008
A band from Germany. Originally, the lead singer are of American Jewish religion. They had made dark and enchanting industrial metal music since 1995. Contrary to commen sense they are not neo-Nazi, despite the fact that many evidences prove that they are (eg. their song Amerika, which express the omniscent of American culture over the world, might say that they detest America). Some of their songs are played in a monophonic matter with strings (eg. violin) or vocal (eg. choir). As for their own lyrics are poetic and full of dynamics (eg sforzando, piano...etc).
Perhaps their best known etiquettes are their elaborate, pyrotechnic filled concert that often cause arson problem.
The band has achieved success beyond their country, and are still making music.
Keine Lust
"Du Hast" is a pun
Rammstein's latest album as of Dec. 2005 is Rosenrot (rose-red in English)
They are named after a town that experienced an air show accident
by a muscular woman January 05, 2006
A brilliant musical collection of extremely sexy men.
This Rammstein song kicks ass. I think I'd like to sex up Till Lindemann now.
by catchasemouse November 17, 2010
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