Deutsch metal group. Consists of:

Till Lindemann - Lead Singer
Paul Landers - Guitarist
Richard Krupse-Bernstein - Guitarist
Oliver Riedel - Bass
Christoph Schneider - Drums
Flake Lorenz - Keyboard

Heavy riffs with electronical background. First CD released was "Herzeleid" in 1996. The cover displayed all six members and was instantly ridiculed. Rammstein was accused of using the cover to show a "master race". Later on, the cover was changed to nothing more than the bands faces.

The second CD "Sehnsucht" included the hit "Du hast". The song became popular quickly but no one knows exactly what the song is saying. There are double-meanings. One of which is about marriage vows, another is about a guy being angry at his girlfriend. Either way, the album was successful.

The 3rd album, "Mutter", was released in 2001. Featuring an orchestra, the sound of Rammstein had changed for the better. The album included multiple hits like "Links 2 3 4", "Ich Will", "Sonne", and "Feuer Frei!". Once again, the cover came under attack from the press because it had a picture of a test-tube baby. However, it goes along with the song "Mutter" which talks about a test-tube child.

In June of this year, Rammstein will release the new single "Mein Tiel" which translates to "My share". This song is rumored to be based on a cannibalism incident that occured in Germany. Earlier, the single was thought to be the song "Rosenrot", another new song Rammstein is working on.

A new album will follow a few months after. Although few know about the album, the list of songs that could appear on it has been found (24 songs in total). One is called "Amerika", which makes fun of the United States. This songs includes the lyrics, "I will lead you, even if you do not want to go". Another song is called "Moskau" which is rumored to include the voices of TATU in the song.

Rammstein is Germany's most famous metal group. With the ability to speak in their native German and still have their music popular all over the globe, Rammstein's music will go down in history.
I bought the new Rammstein single "Mein Tiel" yesterday. Sounded great!
by Will May 17, 2004
a great war to start the morning. 6 peice German band, providers of provacative thought...should you think about death/gayness/sadness. especially known for a kick-ass no-scarm theatrical show. best taken with about 2 beers and choclate muffin
"did u see what Rammstein did last night!" or "that mo-fo doesnt like Rammstein"
by Amazing Taz October 12, 2003

Rammstein have been doing their thing for 15 to 20 years. Their live show is amazing lots of fire and crazy things i will keep you guessing was coming next.Their melodic yet hard german songs (thanks to Tills rough voice) will blow you away.If you havent heard them go listen to the sounds of the best of Germany, even if you hate youll find yourself rocking out to them promise
Rodny: OMG a new DVD from RAMMSTEIN is coming out!!!
Josh: I just cropped my pants when is it coming out?
Rodny: End of November is called VOLKERBALL
Rick: du reischt so guuuuuttttt!!!!!!
by Rodny November 02, 2006
A stone in which you use to ram things. A "ramming-stone". As well as the name of the best band in the history of time, space, and everything. Their music is used to teach German in Russia.

The misconceptions of their music has led people to believe they are evil when in reality, most of their music is fantastic and has beautiful messages interwoven into the most complicated and remarkable structures of the German language since the Age of Goethe, by their lead singer, Till Lindemann who also shares a birthday with Jacob Grimm.

Till Lindemann is also a poet.
Any Time, Any Place, Rammstein.
by MesserFan October 21, 2007
A massive shit. Not intended as a slight against the band, but instead a tribute to the highly stimulative effect on the bowels that blasting Sehnsucht is proven to have.
Dude, Vlad, I gots to take a massive Rammstein!
by The Fuck You Soul Brother February 06, 2009
A german band with a heavy sound, using almost exclusively german lyrics. Rammstein is frequently assumed to be nazis, homosexuals, and the only band on the planet to make songs with german lyrics. Neither of these assumptions are true.
Rammstein makes use of large amounts of pyrotechnics in their stage shows.
by Zicon November 05, 2006
A band who unfortunately in north america has just been taken as a novelty or gimmick, if you understand german or read the translations of the lyrics you'll find its some pretty deep intelligent shit that deals with love,hate,anger,joy,life and death. and what an awesome laungage to compliment heavymetal music. even if you cant understand german its still worth listening to the rich powerful driven music, and hey you can just imagine they are singing about whatever happens to be going thru your head, thats what makes it so great.
Jetzt stehst du da an der Laterne
hast Tränen im Gesicht
das Abendlicht verjagt die Schatten
die Zeit steht still und es wird Herbst
by n.bishop November 16, 2006

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