One of the greatest bands known. A German Industrial band, blending the sound of heavy guitar riffs, with the electornica of a music sampler and insane drumlines.

Formed in 1994, released there 1st album, Herzeleid(Heartache)in 1995,with songs like 'Herzeleid'(Heartache),Du Riechst So gut'(You smell so good)'Rammstein'(Back story in other defs lol Rammstein),'Laichzeit'(Spawning Season),and so much more, forming a foundation of great music over the years. 2nd album released in 1997 Sensucht(Longing) was a great album including songs like 'Sensucht'(Longing), 'Eifersucht'(Jealousy), and more. There 3rd was from a Tour, Live Aus Berlin(Live from Berlin)released in 1999, a great hit, with thier songs well played, even live. Then in 2001, the best album in my opinion,the 4th, besisides Herzeleid, Mutter(Mother), with incredible songs like 'Links 234'(Left 2 3 4),'Sonne'(Sun), 'Zwitter'(Hermaphrodite),'Rein Raus'(In,Out),and of course 'Mutter'(Mother), then in 04 came there 5th called Reise Reise(Rices Trip-literal) with the best song 'Keine Lust'(No Desire), and 'Mein Teil'(My part), and in 05 , now, i think the new albm is Reise Reise II(2), but im not sure, look for it!!!

The greatest band ever, my opinion, the rock, check 'em.

"Have you heard the new Rammstein single Benzin?"

"Yea dude, it rules!!!!"
by Evan October 09, 2005
A tanzmetal band from Germany who break taboos like they were a stalk of sugar cane, but its not sweet -- suffice it to say it is a dose of medicine to what pop would never have the guts to counter for these subjects. This is all done in their native tongue with Till's naturally deep voice, hard riffs and super-charged solos, amazing drum work, bold bass, and a melodious keyboard playing that serves as icing over this dark cake. As well as their stage effects of which they have been recognized as the best international act and have also won awards in other categories. Their musical influences, to name a couple, are old Ministry and Nine Inch Nails.
Better bring that block of dry ice because Rammstein is going to be a scorcher.
by Colter July 01, 2003
A self-labeled, "Tanz-Metall" band. Tanz-Metall itself is a combination of Dance, Heavy Metal, and Industrial. A lot of common misperceptions about Rammstein, are that they are Homosexual, Neo-Fascists, Or, somehow, Satanists, probably derived from the fact that the song, "Heirate Mich," is often mislabeled as Satan on P2P Networks. A few songs by rammstein follow:
Du Hast, Engel, Ein Lied, Herzeleid, Laichzeit, Links 2-3-4, Feuer Frei!, Mein Teil, Moskau, Schtiel, Jeder Lacht (Unreleased song), Schwarzes Glas (Unreleased), Pesnja O Trevozhnoy Molodosti, Feuerräder, Stirb Nicht Vor Mir, and Benzin.

Rammstein has also had many Remixes. Some famous remixes are the Industrial mix of Du Riechst So Gut, by Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM, or the Combustion Remix of Benzin, by Meshuggah. Rammstein has been featured in movie's like Lost Highway ("Rammstein", "Heirate Mich"), Triple X ("Feuer Frei!"), Mortal Kombat Annihilation ("Engel"), and Resident Evil ("Halleluja")

A lot of songs by rammstein tend to have humour injected into them, such as,

"Brauch Keine frau,
Nur vasoline"

Which directly translates to, "I don't need a woman, but Vasoline," or, more or less, "I don't need a woman, i have Vasoline"

Some of their songs have been influenced by outside sources, as well. The song, Dalai Lama, is based off of an old German Poem about the Fear of Flight... And the song, "Hilf Mir" is based off of a german Children's Story.

They have released several CD's, the most popular ones, of course, being the Mainstream ones, or, Herzeleid, Sehnsucht, Mutter, Reise Reise, and Rosenrot. They have released several Singles, such as Mann Gegen Mann, Rosenrot, Stripped, two versions of the Engel CD, Das modell, a cover of the Kraftwerk song, Das Modell, and Schtiel, a limited edition CD, which had only 400 copies produced, thus making it a very valuable CD
Me: "Till.. Lindemann... is coming to town?"
Other: "Who's Till Lindemann?"
Me:............... -head asplode with anger, proceeds to smashing fit- "ONLY THE COOLEST PERSON ALIVE."

Rammstein : Your healthy DV Percentage of Music
Meaning a fucking awesome band.
That band is so rammstein!
by awex January 05, 2004
A kick ass german heavy metal/ industrial rock band originating in east berlin name originated from theur first song Rammstein abou the Ramstein air show tradgedy. Fronted by one fucking insane yet kick ass lead singer that doesnt give a shit about what anyone says about them. Blamed in part for the columbine school massacre.
Man Till is one crazy pyromaniac MOFO
by §µrt February 11, 2004
The final proof that you don't have to have easy to understand lyrics to have great lyrics.
As if System of a Down wasn't enough proof...
by Evil Bella January 07, 2004
Bar none, the world's greatest band has got to be Rammstein.

With Awesome lyrics, rock hard guitar riffs, and a tendancy to set things on fire, they undoubtedly surpass all in the area of awesomeness. Anyone with a differing opionion can go cut themselves because they have obviously not indulged in the miracle of Rammstein.

Till Lindemann-Lead Vocals
Oliver Reidel-Bass
Richard Kruspe-Guitar and backup vocals
Paul Landers-guitar and backup vocals
Christoph Schneider-Drums
Christian Lorenz-Keyboard/guy who always gets set on fire

Putting these six in a room creates a paradox of greatness that no one can escape.

Alex:Who? Smashmouth?

Chris: NO, You greasy bafoon, RAMMSTEIN *Slaps the shit out of alex*

by Snipers in the Church Tower November 29, 2006

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