v. what one does to another's mother every night. see your mom
I rammed your mom last night.
by Digable Kryxtal October 13, 2003
A ram is a gay male. It fits in the same category as the female Goat. You can use ram to refer to gay men and be completely secretive about it. Someone who is a ram is definitely not a kitty.
Joe: Ouch. My butt is really sore.

Luke: That's because you got hit by a ram.

by Masterpp4u December 12, 2005
Describes a situation where there are many people therefore creating a very crowded situation
Damn, the London underground was RAAAAM today.
by ©™ October 15, 2003
Could be used to define a type of Dodge Truck....But my definition for it is a marvelous girl who is absolutely breath-taking and a great friend!
Guy 1: Woah... look at that SWEET dodge RAM truck!!

Guy 2: Woahhhhh... look at that chick in it! I bet she's RAM, cuz she is FINE!
by Jessica Ann. October 23, 2007
Ram is an acronym. it means r(running),a(at),m( the mouth)
It is used in a sense of hisretical loudness in a cocky belligerent manner. Mostly seen when some one is drunk, high, losing a fight, or when some is scared to actually make a ation about something and just talks.
"Yo God, you heard the cat round the corner talkin bout he gonnna get you outta here wit the burner talkin all reckless, you feel me?" "Yo son,relax.I got that. That nigga like to ram cause he won't come step up to the plate feel me"
by Ma'D Johnson October 05, 2005
A horrible disease that monkeys and gay men get. Ive got the Rams, ah crap!!!
by Anonymous February 24, 2003
by Shitt March 28, 2003
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