Ralts is the first evolution of Kirlia and Gardevoir in the popular game known as Pokemon. Pokemon has been around since the Game Boy era (you know which one i mean. It was the crappy grayscale one with worse gwaphics then the Atari Lynx). Anyhow it becomes a Kirlia at level 20 and Garedvoir at level 30. Also despite what many trainers will tell you a Ralts will add flavor to any dish served. However they are very hard to get right as they have to be put in boiling water whilst conscious. But personally i like mine with a few boiled potatoes and a few carrots. YUM!!
Karl: Man this stew is really bland
Narl: Lets add some Ralts!!
Narl: Yeah Man AWESOME!!!
*gets egg out of pocket, cracks egg in his hand to reveal tiny Ralts*
Ralts: Momma!!
*Drops Ralts in boiling water*
Narl: Should be good in 5
Karl: Wanna play sum call a dooty
Narl: Yeh fo sow
by The_Undead_Trainer_of_Pokemon January 07, 2014

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