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A pterodactyl-like dinosaur that looks much like Ralph Drabble. Often flies around the house with sweatpants on its legs and tennis shoes on its feet. While capable of flight, the Ralphorynchus can also walk. It is often accompanied by its wife dinosaur, the Juneorynchus, who chases it if it makes fun of her exercise. As in the July 6, 2010 'Drabble'.
The Ralphorynchus: Hey honeybunch, great workout! You might wanna try a few sit ups too.

The Juneorynchus: (Screeches) You crazy dino-bird!! We don't have much abs, how can we do sit ups? We get enough on them just flying around.

The Ralphorynchus: You are so crazy! Maybe I should do all this while you eat! The human Drabbles did it the other way around. The human Ralph Drabble while the human June was working out.

The Juneorynchus: (lets out a high pitched screech) This is for your own good. Give me 20 laps around this house! And I don't mean flying! You better start jogging, boy!

The Ralphorynchus: I should thank her. Now she's got me jog-flying!
by Dusty's Baby Powder April 03, 2011
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