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One of the three rulers of Makai appearing in the later episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho, he is the ancestral father of Yuusuke Urameshi.
One of the Mazuku, the strongest demons.
Raizen and his people used to eat humans for food, though after falling in love with one, he vowed to never eat one again, which brought him to his later death after teaching Yuusuke.
He took control of Yuusuke in order to kill Sensui.
Yuusuke: "What's that rumbling sound?"
Hokashin: "That is the growling of Lord Raizen's empty stomach. We use it to mark the passing of time."
by Draith April 12, 2005
1. Used to eat humans
2. The ancestor of Yusuke Urameshi
3. Dies after teaching Yusuke
Raizen is one of the three lords of makai.
by Bailong and Kasuhiro February 23, 2005
1. the father of yusuke urameshi
2. an evil flesh eating demon
damn , your dad is a raizen
by dodohameha June 24, 2004
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