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A scream unleashed during a time of extreme realization of death, or at the moment of murderous passion. Raint is an onomatopoeia.
When a pterodactyl swooped down and snatched the Neanderthal, he screamed, "RAAIINNNT!" (raint)
Triumphantly the beast roared, "RRAAIINNT!" (raint)
by Knoxtries August 17, 2007
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Feeling or Expression of animosity; the sigh or sound one makes before passing. Calling card, greeting, or battle cry often used on the Akron, Ohio's East side of Summit County,
'What's up?" "RAINT!"
"I Rainted the hell out of her."
by Raint Ryders January 17, 2012
A term used in response (typically to notify a friend) when a lurk or unwanted person says something useless, unwanted, or totally nonconstructive to the occasion or conversation. Also used to avoid calling the person out for saying something utterly retarded.

Sounds like the squealing of a pig.
Alex: So what did you think about Mary?
Dylan: She was pretty hot. We were hookin up in one of the spare rooms for about an hour during the party.

Some Lurk: Ya I saw her standing outside by the pool for a while.
Dylan @Alex: Raint!
by Larp Arthur December 05, 2010
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