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Rainey is gorgeous, sexy, amazing, trustworthy, perfect in every way! & will never hurt you. She'll always have your back& gives the best advice in the world. Shes defnitley a keeper. I love her soo much! <3 Any guy would be lucky to have a rainey. Shes very loving, and fun to be around, knows how to have a good time. Shes smart, and always wants the best for everyone. Shes adorable & the most prettiest girl ever.
Someone: she's hella pretty . .

me:well dude shes such a rainey ! :)
by Shanna Chauhan September 12, 2011
Cheerful but has a dark side. Beautiful and happy. Carefree. Don't get a Rainey mad or you are in for a suprise! A Rainey is very smart. Makes your day brighter.
I hung out with Rainey and I feel lighter, happier. Her smile brought sunshine!
by taylorrja February 03, 2010
Rainey is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is a goddess, she has the beauty of Aphrodite. She has an amazing personality, she is funny and so pretty.

yes Rainey, i made this just for you!
by lardokat777 November 08, 2010
Indecisive; confusing. Making no sense whatsoever.
Mr. Indecisive couldn't make up his mind, and his story made no sense at all, he was basically being rainey.
by Johnny Slazzinger September 06, 2010