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This penis is humongous in other words makes horse jealous. Yes this penis is also the color of the fucking rainbow. There is only two ways you can get a Rainbow penis and it is 1. You are born with it. 2. A person with a Rainbow penis cums out another Rainbow penis which only happens in rare occasions. The Rainbow penis is very sensitive to touching so its very easily erected. When the person sucks the Rainbow penis alright they get regular semen, if they suck it great they get Skittles, if they suck it fantastically they get Starburst, but if they suck it majestically they get their very own Rainbow penis.
Did you see Becca's massive Rainbow penis? When I was sucking the massive cock I got Starburst. What did you get?
by MajesticRainbowPenis July 28, 2014
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A gay guy's penis being inserted into a bisexual guy's butt hole.
I got a Rainbow Penis last night!
by Lord Peter Powell January 22, 2014

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