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Another way of saying that two gay guys are having sexual intercourse.
Damn, I heard Marcus and Tyler had a Rainbow Connection.... That is really gross.
by RKaundal May 21, 2006
An option when a terry tries to get extra froggy. You use a boxcutter. (Key and Peele)
"We gon' give them the rainbow connection baby"
by Terries May 03, 2016
A rainbow connection is a regular source of chemical drugs, which are typically harder to come by than other substances like weed or booze (if you're under legal drinking age). Code for a dealer who usually sells MDMA, acid, etc. Sometimes includes meth, crack/cocaine, or other greasy shit.
Man, wouldn't it be awesome to try LSD?

Ah, I have a few blotters. I get them all the time.

You have a rainbow connection?
by tfrhr5y45etrd January 27, 2011
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