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Raileigh is a naturally beautiful girl who everyone likes. Raileigh is nice and caring. she makes everyone smile and laugh. Raileigh is a unique name and fits perfectly only for some of the raileighs' there are. Raileigh's are perfect and all the boys like her. Loud and outgoing and not afraid of anything.
" That new girl Raileigh is so pretty,"

" Do you hear that? it is probably Raileigh."

" Raileigh is so perfect i wish i could be her."
by Lizziel197 October 18, 2013
A natural beautiful girl inside and out. loud and outgoing and not afraid of anything. A really funny person who makes everyone smile. athletic and the best at everything. All the boys fall for raileigh.
have you seen Raileigh she is hot!
Raileigh is so funny!
by pd_lighter9090 October 18, 2013