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A true football fan, not a band wagon rider, who will always root against the Raiders any time any day. A true Raider Hater can be most recognized by their intelligence and ability to stay out of jail and not riot after loosing.
"Look at the Raider Haters laugh at the Raiders fans while the police are beating them and throwing them in the drunk tank. Andale ese here come da 5.0."
by Bronco Love September 18, 2003
1.One who despises Jokeland and thier slobbering-Depends wearing fans
2. One who knows that "raider nation" could easily be renamed "raider ghetto"
1. "I'm the biggest raider hater on the West Coast!"
2. Jokeland fan - "raider nation ese!! ohdalay!!" , Officer - "you have the right to remain silent...."
by Black&GoldForever! August 20, 2003
Generally speaking a football fan with enough knowledge to cheer for any team lining up against the scum known as the raiders
bob, being smart, decided to bring mace to fend off the crack headed raider fans who dress up like 12 year olds at a star wars reunion.
by Don Shula February 10, 2003
a true raider hater is a true football lover and a person who recognizes the fact that just because a team is silver and black doesnt make a person a gangsta or tough.... GO BOLTS
by DC August 31, 2003
Someone who has a hatred of the NFL's Oakland Raiders. They typically hate the Raiders more than they like their favorite team(s), & are commonly fans of divisional foes San Diego, Kansas City, & Denver. However, Raider Haters have also been discovered from other fanbases such as Dallas, Pittsburgh, New England, & San Francisco. They are also notorious for neglecting the fact that all teams have rowdy fans, & that the Raiders have fans from all races.

Typical activities of Raider Haters include:
1. Rooting against the Oakland Raiders.
2. Usage of racial slurs (mainly against people of Hispanic origin, but sometimes against African Americans as well).
3. Trash-talking on the internet rather than in person.
Raider Haters are among the worst type of people on Earth, & I despise them all.
by Jamaal, the Raider Fan August 25, 2011
A Ture San Diego Charger Fan!!
It's All About the BLUE and GOLD
by Johnnys Girl July 28, 2005
All Raider supporters the day after being humiliated in the superbowl.
Sooner or later...We are all Raider Haters said Rich Gannon to Tim Brown.
by Al Davis February 26, 2003
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