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The greatest name of all. Much better then names like Rahul or LORI!!!
Rahil, will you marry me? or..Rahil, will you allow me to name my son after you?
by Rahil March 11, 2005
106 64
The cutest, most caring, friendly, nice individual one can ever meet!!!!!!!
Rahil is the best!!!
by Samedam November 22, 2011
26 6
Rahil = the greatest name, much better then names like Rahul or Lori or anything like that.
Rahil, your so have a much better name then anyone
by Rahil March 11, 2005
80 66
A person that easily beats girls in the business of gossiping and has a tendancy to be hated by every person around him/it. Also has another profound meaning to his/its name which is "a scope of dust beneath kirubis (hated lecturer) ball sack".
You are a rahil...please just dig a hole with a straw and bury yourself immediately!
by pbp007 January 05, 2014
3 1