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1. The act of having sex with a girl strictly in the missionary position, cumming on her stomach, and then the next morning dousing her with gasoline and proceeding to light her on fire.

2. The girl you would most likely want to perform this action on. (i.e. an attractive girl you absolutely despise)
1. Shelly recieved second degree burns after I pulled a Raging Phoenix on her.

2. Heidi is a whore, but what a Raging Phoenix.
by hoosana23 December 18, 2004
fucking a girl doggy style while dosing her back in lighter fluid and proceeding to light her on fire.
i pulled a raging phoenix on your mother
by The rimmjawer December 18, 2004
Having sex with a girl like normal then when you wake up in the morning... light her ass on fire and watch her burn!!!
I totally got off after performing a raging phoenix
by Jesse James Beotch December 15, 2008
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