An after-show party.
'Dude, why weren't you at the rager last night?'
by Phil Bowman January 17, 2004
A long day of drinking that starts when you wake up, preferably in the morning, and goes until sleep is needed to prevent death.
We had a huge rager last time school was cancelled for a hurricane.
by Jizzil Dizzil January 03, 2006
Rager is an adjective used to describe someone who deserves to be hated by everyone. It's derived from the term raging.. As in someone could be a ragin pedophile or a raging fag or even a raging nig-nog. The term rager is used on anyone who you feel fits the description of all of these insults.
Father John O'reilly is a rager.
If you play counterstrike you are a rager.
by the evil bar of soap July 15, 2009
A party where super-heroes and super-villans get wasted together, so they can be friends one day out of the ear
"what's up Magneto. So glad you came to the super 'rager', is this the line for the bathroom? Do you want to match bowls later?"
by Urban Dictionary May 04, 2008
a girl who gives you a massive hard on... the kind that will just not go away and usually appears at the worst possible time.
"did you see that chick?... total rager!"
by Mackenzie Malone October 18, 2007
is another word for some one who is gay....comes from "raging homosexual"
what the fuck are you wearing that pink metro shirt for? what are you a fucking rager!?
by dirty ratz September 19, 2006
a party where a bunch of straight-edge kids sitt, and try figure out what they're going to do.
hey bro, this is a pretty sweet rager.
by laurenvasquezntashaking November 09, 2006
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