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Rafferty - To make a complete mess of a Job, where a Job is broken beyond repair and the end user is "flapping" because it cannot be rescued
"Oh No what a complete rafferty Job"
by LeachyBoi October 20, 2011
first most common irish surname. you can tell rafferty's, but you cant tell them much.
dont talk bad to a rafferty, he'll punch your lights out.
by Seamus Rafferty June 20, 2008
Often shortened to raff. A Raff is a common term in London used to describe a person who spends more time sleeping around than making sammiches. Raffs are prone to many of the same difficulties as whores, namely STDs and threats of pwnage from angry cheated-on girlfriends. She is a raff until she sleeps with you. A "raff" who does sleep with you is no longer a raff, but a "cool chick" who knows how to have a good time. Then, when you get tired of her and it's time to move on, she goes back to being a raff again. If she looks like she's trying to shoplift week old cold cuts in her panties, she's probably a raff.
Person A: "That rafferty is like a merry-go-round; everybody got a turn."

Person B: "I hear a raff is like a sausage in a wind tunnel"

"And the legend of the raff was way hardcore!" Jack Black on raffs

"Exactly! Only a raff would want to be with a douche like me!" Danny Franklin on raffs
by Bland Street Bloom June 15, 2011
comma Gerry.

Blazed artist during the 70's who's only hit was "Baker Street." Coincidently, this song involves no vocals, which are the obvious downfall of all his other music.
A: "Hey man, have you heard that song, "Stuck in the Middle With You?""

B: "You mean the one by Stealers Wheel?"

A: "Suck my dick you piece of shit. Gerry Rafferty and your mom can both eat my ass."
by Cobra Commander June 05, 2005
A lying, scamming, womanizing, bottom-feeding middle-aged lazy alcoholic Irish person of South Dublin, Ireland heritage.
"Did you see that 40 year-old guy trying to pick up the 20 year-olds at the bar?"

"What a Rafferty."
by thanksbutnothanks September 04, 2011
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