A very hot brazilian. Nomaly good at fighting. sweet heart when wants to be and when around someone he likes. Also very strong person. Sexy as a mother fucker!
Damn look at Rafael hes so strong.
by Jdr13 August 03, 2011
The least favorite ninja turtle or the most favorite Hispanic name. Commonly defines a man with a tough exterior but fragile inside and vulnerable heart. Individuals with this name will typically become the "papa bear" when not in the proper state of mind. That being said, they generally do not need fighting lessons to beat up BJJ master friends.
"Wahhh, I rolled my ankle, twice...will you make me breakfast? wahhhhh" - Rafael
by Shadrick September 09, 2012
A toucan voiced by George Lopez off the 20th Century Fox animated movie Rio. He later appeared in the sequel Rio 2.
''You know Rafael and Rafael knows everybody!''
by poohriocartoonfan1 March 05, 2015
Rafael or Ralph most of which have two sides, a dirty nasty side and a sweetheart! Ralph is a Hustler & ladies man! Very strong minded individual who is masculine, rugged strong, and very protective. Rafael has the goods in the pants and he knows how to use it! Rafael is handsome, has a charming personality, and is the guy that knows how to please a woman. Rafael is liked by many and envied by others - His personality lands him the chicks, his sexuality lands him the girls.

Ralph/Rafaels other side also presents him as a gentleman. He is loyal, and a romantic. He is a great lover! He loves to watch movies as he sneaks his hand up the skirt. He absolutely admires womans breasts and loves the "fish eye".

Warning! He'll take your girl and make her his ex. (after he exploits her and gives her the "dirty sanchez")
rafael, ralph, hot, sexy, tit lover, entertainer, hustler, lover, ladies man, fucken Ralph,

girl: OMG, Ralphie has the pretiest cock and he sure knows how to use it. I can't wait till I see him again.

guy: Fucken Ralph, he took my girl!
by - (.Y.) - February 04, 2010
A boy from Chicago who can be found in Hegewisch,he is known as the the Sexiest Beast alive,if you are lucky enought to ever see him or yet alone talk to to him you should give him a dollar,he's just the beautiful:D
Girl #1- I saw a really sexy guy yesterday,his name was Rafael.

Girl #2-oh my god you lucky bitch (orgasms all over her self)
by Ralphie69 August 15, 2008
1. Rafeal. noun. An underendowed, gayish, hairy, small, troll-like humanoid creature of subterranean origin, who is unusually immature and lacks self-restraint and an attention whore. Prone to annoying people, especially members of the opposite sex, this creature is best repelled by a can of roach spray.

2. adj. Mentally and socially challenged.

3. adj. Gay.

1. Noun. a. "Don't be such a Rafael or someone is going to spray roach spray on you!" b. "His penis is like a Rafael: small, gay, and hairy!" c. "Why does that guy act like such a Rafael?" d. "At parties he acts so Rafael, its really awkward being in public with him."

2. Adj. a. "Don't be mentally Rafael!" b. "I think he is a bit Rafael".

3. Adj. a. "Are you bisexual or like, you know, just totally Rafael?" b. "In New York and California, Rafael marriages are allowed." c. "That is so damn Rafael, it makes ordinary gay look straight!"
by rafaelism October 22, 2011

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