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A wonderfully fun loving lady that has an amazing heart and loves to cook. She will take in a stray or fight a battle for an under dog at all costs. She has a gift with hair and a passion that is unmatched in bed. She loves good music and can dance like a banchi on the dance floor. She over extends herself for others and has a serving soul. She always wants to help and tends to stick her foot in her mouth often, but with good intentions and meaning no harm. She is an outstanding friend that will stick with you til the very end. She is hard working and always anxious to lend a hand on a project or to plan a party. She has never met a stranger or turned people away with her big heart and pretty smile. She is one in a million and worth more than she will ever know to the ones that love her.
by Laughingheart-Nae-Nae February 05, 2010
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