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4 definitions by VulcanRaven

To be taken advantage of,made look like an ass,laughed at or pwned in life also when one is dipped upon they look or feel like a complete radio
shit man we got dipped on by the other team
by VulcanRaven July 12, 2008
7 2
what goes in ya mothers mouth (also what killed steve irwin)
Croikey! its a grand trousersnake in me bunghole!
by VulcanRaven July 12, 2008
12 12
In call of duty 4 you can name your weapon classes, therefore a long range tit is a sniper rifle
Ha I dipped on that dude in his domepiece with my long range tit!
by VulcanRaven July 12, 2008
4 5
Someone Who is mentally Handicapped and feels the need to TRY to play call of duty 4
"hey did you see rob play last night? Yeah he was a real fuckin radio!"
by VulcanRaven August 10, 2008
9 12