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To be taken advantage of,made look like an ass,laughed at or pwned in life also when one is dipped upon they look or feel like a complete radio
shit man we got dipped on by the other team
by VulcanRaven July 12, 2008
In call of duty 4 you can name your weapon classes, therefore a long range tit is a sniper rifle
Ha I dipped on that dude in his domepiece with my long range tit!
by VulcanRaven July 12, 2008
Someone Who is mentally Handicapped and feels the need to TRY to play call of duty 4
"hey did you see rob play last night? Yeah he was a real fuckin radio!"
by VulcanRaven August 10, 2008
what goes in ya mothers mouth (also what killed steve irwin)
Croikey! its a grand trousersnake in me bunghole!
by VulcanRaven July 12, 2008

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