A singular or collective of bus stop and public area dwelling little reprabates usually with cider and a 1 or more ASBOS.Donning sportwear they come out in greater numbers during the later hours and school holidays.

They are allergic to Books,education and any kind of witty remark or words with more than 2 syllables(it has a similar effect as Kryptonite does on Superman).Be careful as they become agitated and often violent if intelligence is flaunted blatantly inront of them.

Modes of transport include Mini motorbikes or stolen cars and stolen footwear(left shoe from the stand outside Foot Locker,right from the stand outside JD Sports).

The word originates and is used in the North East predominately the Newcastle area but has equivelants throughout the kingdom by names such as chav,kev etc.
"I was in the Metro Centre today and there were RADGIES everywhere"......"It was RADGIE central"

"Here mate are you calling woer(our)slag a lass(lady friend)....You must be a f*cking Radgie...I will blah blah"

"I wouldnt mess with him hes a comlete RADGIE!!"
by Mr Bigz September 15, 2006
Charva, specifically of the agressive persuasion.
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
Someone who is antisocial
The group of radgies attacked the old man.
by Shaun Munro January 20, 2004
See Charver
See Charver
by peter mondragon July 23, 2003

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