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A portmanteau of Radical and Badass. Used when something is so monumentally awesome that you have to think of a new word to describe it.
Whoa! Her vagoo is fucking sweet! It'''s RADASS!
by Someone named Archer April 18, 2008
akin to bad-ass
applied to things/people with high "rad" quotients
"Those are some rad-ass shoes"
by Airesse October 14, 2003

1. having qualities that gives great motivation to live above the ordinary

2. excellence of its own kind

3. opens up the mind to see, hear, think about


the ideal of beauty in the membrane
"a radass like you kid, is like an olsen twin, you build a giant fan base of jealous followers drinking soy milk in a cape"

a radass doesn't accept an ordinary life; doesn't follow trends; doesn't take no for an answer

"ma'am you were going 80 mph in a 55... i need to see your license and registration" - officer
"oh my.. yes.. i'm sorry... here it is *smiles cutely*"radass
"i'm just going to give you a verbal warning.. get home before your daddy kicks your butt" officer
by diamond pistol lb November 18, 2008
Like 'badass', only better!
That Wendy's run last night was radass.
by Hed December 29, 2003

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