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The Geek from London. Spends far too much time on IRC chatting up anyone he can find. Uses 1337 speak far more than anyone should.
Spends too much on computer 'stuff'.
Prone to massive hormonal swings, far worse than PMT. ;)
<RadAndy> ok id best goi acjk downstairss
<RadAndy> some1 rearranged all the letters on my keyboard that night
<RadAndy> u know when ur sitting ur fat arse on the sofa and then u get up suddenly and go upstairs?
<RadAndy> i don't want pissy little tubes of KY, i want 5-10 litre tubs :((
by Antn1fear April 05, 2005
Blow job from a retard.
Dude, I just got a Rad Andy from that chick on the short bus!
by Notso Nice December 17, 2008
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